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I had that dream, about you again...

Where I went outside until you let me in...

I'd play with fire to break the ice.
10 April 1983
This is a 'friends only' journal. Please comment here if you want to be friended in return.

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Ah, I've become so emo, there's no point in reading this journal anymore. All I do is bitch about work and my lack of a love life.
All my good stuff over is in my fandom journal, chibimono. My current obsessions are in full swing there. Namely: anime, writing, and One Piece. Writings from my previous fandom, Harry Potter, can be found at mischief_fics.
Both my journals mostly consists of yaoi/shounen ai/slash/homosexuality. If any of that offends you at all, you really shouldn't be anywhere near me.

But what about me, eh? I'm dork that likes to write about gay relationships. Especially between my favorite male anime characters. I love anime and manga. My anime must be subbed, NEVER dubbed. I hate TV. I've become more of a history nut than I thought. I collect plushies, button pins, poker card decks, figurines, albums and soundtracks, and doujinshi of my favorite anime. I love to go to anime conventions and cosplay. And when I mean cosplay, I mean really get into character when putting on the costume. I want to learn Japanese. I want to write an epic story that will span across several mediums, including anime, manga, video games, TV series, and movies. I want to become rich to donate massive amounts of money to charities for children. I want to fall in love, get married, and have two boys sometime after I'm 26. I hate my job. I work at a book factory. I wish I could quit that fucking place and make money by writing a novel, and having those bastards print and bind it. I've developed a backbone, but it's made me a cynical bitch. I like to use foul language, especially when pissed off. My best friend, that I've known since high school, is gay. I have a coworker that's a really good friend, my drinking buddy, my co-partner in hobby projects, and general partner in crime... It's a guy, and I'm not fucking him. I'm a virgin when it comes to guys. I'm bisexual and I've dated girls before, but I prefer guys. My high school love was a beautiful girl, and we're finally friends again. I've loved two other girls, and I'm glad that I'm still friends with them, too. I love people for who they are. I don't like organized religion. I like the way Wiccans and Pagans think. I hate backstabbers and homophobes. My favorite color is green, followed by black and blue, but I'm suddenly beginning to love red. I like to drink on the weekends, and my preferred drinks of choice are sake, any mixed drink with a Captain Morgan liquor, and fresh strawberry jello shots. I have an amazing recepie for fresh strawberry jello shots. Ramen and sushi make me happy. Ice cream does, too. I wish I could lose more weight, but I look better now than I have since high school, so I can't complain too much. I miss high school--mostly because I miss my good friends, but also because I miss learning. I would love to be a student for a living. I'm happy when I'm learning. I'm just as happy when I'm sharing what I've learned. I love music. Especially punk, classic rock, oldies, rock, and Japanese rock and hip hop. I can't stand the Top 40s. I hate pop music, reality TV, and anything that is all the rage with general public. I'm odd, but I'd never let myself be any other way. If I was normal, I'd kill myself.

That's me, right off the top of my head.

Okay. I've bored you enough. Now go enjoy your day. It's yours, so you deserve to bask in it however you please.

God Hates Stupid Homophobes!
Another rant from your neighborhood jesus_h_biscuit
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